Stakeholder consultation

The objective of this consultation is to provide all stakeholders an opportunity to provide feedback on the ongoing exemption evaluations. Here you will find all the exemption applications which are being evaluated, responses to clarifications questionnaires which were submitted by the applicants and consultation questionnaire for each exemption request. Links to previous consultations are also provided.

No. Exemption wording Request(s) Clarification Questionnaire(s) Consultation Questionnaire Consultation Responses
Exemption 4
4(f) Mercury in other discharge lamps for special purposes not specifically mentioned in this Annex
Previous evaluation
Lighting Europe Lighting Europe et al., JBMIA Download consultation questionnaire AC Entertainment Technology,ack Aqua Concept, ACTEGA Schmid Rhyner,ADA Zlin,Adler Lacke, Admonter Holzindustrie, AkzoNobel Decorative Coatings,Alpha Cure, APL Engineered Materials,Atlantium Technologies, AquaCare,ASA San Marino,Baier UV Technologie,Baldwin Technology,Barberan, Barbizon Europe,Berkvens Deursystemen,BARO,BASF,Batcon Oberflachentechnik,BEMA,Boston Tapes, BVDM,CCL, Celinius,Centriair Deutschland,Cerve,Christoph Schweizer,Collins Aerospace,Constantia Teich,Crown Packaging and Plastics,Dissol,Dniprowood, Dr Hoenle,Druckstoff,DVGW, ECMA,EGGER Holzwerkstoffe Brilon,Elmag,EltoschGrafix,Enviolet, ESIA,Etex Germany Exteriors,ETA plus electronic, ETMA and FPE, EUPIA, EurEau,Evoqua Water Technologies,Fachverband Holzindustrie Osterreich,Falquon,Fermac, Ferry Contact,FINAT,Fisher, Formaline,Frecicar, FREDA, GEW(EC),Gigahertz Optik, Graphika,Greiner Packaging, Hamberger Flooring,Hanovia, Hans Reich,HEIDELBERG HELLAS,Hella,Heraeus Noblelight,Herbert Waldmann ,Herport, Hesse,Highlight UV Products,Hinterkopf, Homanit, Huttenlocher, ICA Group,IGT Testying Systems,IKEA,Industry General Trading,Infineon Technologies,Innique, Intergraf,ISIMAT,UV Consulting,Jelosil UV Technology, Kahrs,Kissel Wolf, Kleiberit, Klumpp Coatings,Koening and Bauer Kammann,Krankenkasse,Kryschi Wasserhygiene,LED and System Manufacturers,Lintera,Lott Lacke, Makor,MAPA,Medical Lamp Supplies,MGC Lamps,MOSS,Multi Lite,NARVA G.L.E.,Naturel, Nedap,Neuform Turenwerk Hans Glock,Oberthur, Optimarin, Ohratrax Engineering and Construction,ORCA,Osram UK,OVGW,Parkett Herter,Peterka Siebdruck,Pfleiderer Deutschland,Print Concept UV Systeme, Probiko Aqua SP Zoo,ProMinent, PURION, Pusterla, RadTech UV EB Technology Nonprofit Association,REHAU AG+Co,Remex, Remmers Industrielacke,Richter lighting technologies,Robert Burkle,Scheucher, S Batsios L Syropoulos,Sefra,SEMI Europe,Serima Press,Sherwin Williams,Sidney, Solvay,SPECTRA,Sponeta, Sterilair, Sunny Air Solutions, SwissPrimePack, SVEFF and KTF,Svenskt Vatten,Technigraf,Teknos Group,Theimer, TLS_UK_Ltd,TRIAB,Trymax, Tubex Wasungen, Tupack, UAB Multimeda, Ultralight, Ushio Europe,UVECO,UVGERMI,UVIgraf Engineering,UVITERNO,UV technik Speziallampen,Valspar,Venjakob, Venture Lighting, Vilniaus Baldai, VSD,Weitzer Parkett,Wittegra,WOCA Denmark,Wolfgang Fels,WoodWork, Xylem Services,YL Lighting, Zahnarzt Praxis Zuzwil, ZED,ZeefdrukkerijDuivenvoorden
Exemption 8
8(b) Cadmium and its compounds in electrical contacts
Previous evaluation
Sensata Technologies Sensata Technologies et al. Download consultation questionnaire Test and Measurement Coalition, Dometic
8(b)-I Cadmium and its compounds in electrical contacts used in:
  • circuit breakers
  • thermal sensing controls
  • thermal motor protectors (excluding hermetic thermal motor protectors)
  • AC switches rated at
    • 6 A and more at 250 V AC and more, or
    • 12 A and more at 125 V AC and more
  • DC switches rated at 20 A and more at 18 V DC and more, and
  • switches for use at voltage supply frequency ≥ 200 Hz.
Previous evaluation
Exemption 9
9(a)-II Up to 0.75 % hexavalent chromium by weight, used as an anticorrosion agent in the cooling solution of carbon steel cooling systems of absorption refrigerators:
  • designed to operate fully or partly with electrical heater, having an average utilised power input ≥ 75 W at constant running conditions,
  • designed to fully operate with non-electrical heater.
Previous evaluation amended by amendment
Ariston Thermo application Ariston Thermo clarification, ECHA opinion Download consultation questionnaire on Ariston Thermo application Test and Measurement Coalition
Dometic application Dometic clarification Download consultation questionnaire on Dometic application Test and Measurement Coalition
Exemption 13
13(a) Lead in white glasses used for optical applications
Previous evaluation
Spectaris application, Additional technical information, Microscopic devices for UV-Light, Appendix 1, Appendix 2 Spectaris et al.'s clarification Download consultation questionnaire Christie, Test and Measurement Coalition
13(b) Cadmium and lead in filter glasses and glasses used for reflectance standards
Previous evaluation
Spectaris application

Lucideon application, Lucideon Colour Standards, Performance of Colour Measurement Instrument - Lucideon, Ceramictile stability - Lucideon
Spectaris, Lucidean et al.'s clarification Download consultation questionnaire Test and Measurement Coalition
13(b)-I Lead in ion coloured optical filter glass types
Previous evaluation
13(b)-II Cadmium in striking optical filter glass types; excluding applications falling under point 39 of Annex III
Previous evaluation
13(b)-III Cadmium and lead in glazes used for reflectance standards
Previous evaluation
Exemption 15
15 Lead in solders to complete a viable electrical connection between semiconductor die and carrier within integrated circuit flip chip packages
Previous evaluation
Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics et al. Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics et al.'s clarifications Download consultation questionnaire Test and Measurement Coalition
15(a) Lead in solders to complete a viable electrical connection between the semiconductor die and carrier within integrated circuit flip chip packages where at least one of the following criteria applies:
  • a semiconductor technology node of 90 nm or larger
  • a single die of 300 mm2 or larger in any semiconductor technology node
  • stacked die packages with die of 300 mm2 or larger, or silicon interposers of 300 mm2 or larger.
  • Previous evaluation