Pack 27 Exemption Requests (First set)

The objective of this contract is to provide a clear technical and scientific assessment for the following exemption requests (Pack 27) under the Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS) in agreement with the Commission.
Stakeholder consultation for this first set of exemption requests is open from 16th October 2023 to 11th December 2023.

Important note: Many exemptions of this pack 27 were reviewed in 2021 and 2022 already. The European Commission (COM) wishes to assess in this current review round whether there are any substantial reasons in line with Art. 5(1)(a) against the adoption of the recommendations from these previous reviews to be applied to EEE of categories 8, 9 and 11. A complete reassessment of the scientific and technological status as to the substitution or elimination of the restricted substances is not part of the review of these exemptions.

No. Exemption wording Request(s) and supporting documents Clarification Questionnaire(s) Consultation Questionnaire Consultation Responses
2022-1 New request Optical components made of mercurous chloride monocrystal (Calomel) BBT – Materials Processing, BBT Product BBT Download
III 6a series Lead as alloying element in steel EUROMOT, TMC, TMC SEA 6(a), NAM support letter 6(a) EUROMOT, TMC Download Umbrella Project WG 6(a), JCB, EMA, Volvo Penta, MTE, EUROPGEN, Cummins, EGMF
III 6b series Lead as alloying element in aluminium TMC, EUROMOT, TMC SEA 6(b), NAM support letter 6(b) EUROMOT, TMC Download Copreci, JCB, DEUTZ, EMA, Volvo Penta, APPLiA Italia, MTE, Afecor, , COCIR, EMA, EUROPGEN, Cummins, EGMF
III 7a Lead in high melting temperature type solders (i.e. lead-based alloys containing 85 % by weight or more lead TMC, EUROMOT, TMC SEA 7(a), NAM support letter 7(a) EUROMOT, TMC Download Umbrella Project Technical WG 7(a), SRT, SRT Laborbericht, JCB, DEUTZ, EMA, Volvo Penta, MTE, KemI, EMA, EUROPGEN, EGMF
III 7c-I Electrical and electronic components containing lead in a glass or ceramic other than dielectric ceramic in capacitors, e.g. piezoelectronic devices, or in a glass or ceramic matrix compound TMC, EUROMOT, Werfen, TMC SEA 7(c)-I EUROMOT, TMC, Werfen Download SRT, SRT HVC doc, SRT HV Japan doc, Umbrella Project Technical WG 7(c)-I, JCB, DEUTZ, EMA, Volvo Penta, MTE, EGMF
III 15 Lead in solders to complete a viable electrical connection between semiconductor die and carrier within integrated circuit flip chip packages TMC, TMC SEA III 15 TMC Download MTE
III 18b Lead as activator in the fluorescent powder (1 % lead by weight or less) of discharge lamps when used as sun tanning lamps containing phosphors such as BSP (BaSi2O5:Pb) Lighting Europe, ESA support letter, NARVA support letter Lighting Europe Download
IV 1a Lead and cadmium in ion-selective electrodes, including glass of pH electrodes COCIR COCIR Download
IV 1b Lead anodes in electrochemical oxygen sensors Alphasense, Ametek Mocon, Draeger, Honeywell, Supporting information Alphasense, Drager, Honeywell, MOCON Download COCIR
IV 1c Lead, cadmium and mercury in infra-red light detectors Bruker, PPTF Bruker Download trinamiX
IV 10 Lead and cadmium in atomic absorption spectroscopy lamps PerkinElmer PE et al. Download